Dec 29, 2009


“Main entrance, Carolina Inn”

“Cameron entrance, Carolina Inn”
9 x 12" watercolors

It’s been forever since I posted any new work here. Most of my energy between August and November went to a 100-day email newsletter featuring 100 paintings for $100 each. Check out Brenda’s Gallery 100 at if you are not yet familiar with the newsletter and its offerings.

I woke up Sunday thinking I might just stay in bed. Christmas was behind me, so the pressure was off. Or was it? Within two hours I found myself on the road to Chapel Hill, NC where the temperatures would reach the 50’s for the last time before the beautiful decorations would come down at the charming Carolina Inn. I’d already decided to paint the historic Inn, and had also determined its peak charm is at Christmastime.

I consider these studies for some larger paintings I want to do. I have plenty of photos for back-up, and the observation I did while painting these should give me the information I’ll need later to paint larger ones. The chill in the air, and sitting in partial shade set me at a pace that kept these paintings loose, which I like.

Meanwhile, back at the studio, the amaryllis exploding with blooms was beckoning me. Clicking here will take you to my Hot Off the Easel blog where I've posted the amaryllis blooms that finally had their way with me. So, for a lady who woke up with all the pressure behind her, it took no time at all before I was back in the plein air saddle.