Oct 24, 2013

Captain Phillips

Gone shrimpin’ 8x10" oil on panel
Last night I went to see the new action-packed movie Captain Phillips with a couple of my Goldsboro girlfriends. The movie kept us on the edges of our seats. Great acting coming from not only Tom Hanks, but from those who played the four Somali pirates. During the movie, I asked my friends, “Wonder where they dug up those Somali actors?” Turns out over 700 Somalis auditioned for the parts in Minneapolis, MN, my former home. There is buzz about that one of them will receive a best supporting actor nomination.

Came home and found in my files the two paintings I did of Capt. Phillips, a shrimp boat that docks in Swansboro, NC. I think I sold one of the paintings, but still have the one below. Just a couple of weeks ago, my painting buddy Robert Rigsby and I painted in Swansboro where Capt. Phillips is usually docked. The boat must have been out shrimping. I feel the space left by it made for an interesting composition in Gone shrimpin’.
Capt. Phillips 2, 6 x 9½ watercolor

Oct 16, 2013

Wedding in Jackson Hole

The artist’s room at the Inn, 7 x 9½ watercolor
Here is the room that welcomed me when I flew into Jackson Hole, WY last month to paint a wedding. The fireplace had gas logs and the only problem with using it continually was that it also put out heat; appreciated, I’m sure, by many skiers during winter months. Note my cowboy boots near the bed. I wore them to a party on top of a mountain that Friday night where guests were entertained by a group that call themselves One Ton Pig. Their music was dynamite; darn near blew the top of the mountain right off. Give a listen.

One Ton Pig at Couloir, 6x8" watercolor

Oct 7, 2013

Jack Ketner, artist/musician, Satirical Surrealist

The Chicken Dance (detail) by Jack Ketner, 34 x 54"
Chicken Line Dance, 6x8" watercolor
Multi-talented Jack Ketner and I were first introduced several years ago on a rainy day in Swansboro, NC. I had the opportunity that afternoon to visit his paintings. I see a lot of artwork in my travels, but I don’t see artwork like Jack’s. I’ve never asked “How much?” I’m sure, way beyond my reach. I feel privileged to have seen his collection of work and look forward someday to revisiting it in a deserving museum.

To give you an idea of how different our work is, here are each of our painting approaches to the “Chicken Dance.” Mine was painted on location at an anniversary party in Calabash, NC. Jack’s was painted in his studio wherever that might have been at the time. He so captures the character and spirit of the people he paints. See what I’m referring to by visiting his awesome web collection at jackketner.com.