Jun 30, 2012

Plein air Carolina style

Strength in numbers, 11x14" oil on panel
“Can't ya see the sunshine?”
Would have been better to get out in the morning Thursday before the day turned into such a scorcher. Not only did painting buddy Robert’s pick-up truck lift us into a bit of a breeze, it kept us above and away from thousands of fire ants. As we were packing up, I said to Robert, “That’s some piece of [plein air] equipment. We’ll have to keep it (his truck) in mind.”

Being elevated lends itself so well to much plein air painting. The first marshes I painted, I was lucky enough to have access to someone’s deck overlooking them. Had it not been for Robert’s truck, the field of sunflowers would have been reduced to a streak of yellow. Peering down makes for a deeper expanse of mid and foreground.

Jun 18, 2012

Whimsical whirligigs

Whirligigs at Fearrington, 7x9½" watercolor (SOLD)
The very same day I painted the Fainting Goats, I did these two watercolors. Vollis Simpson’s whimsical whirligigs put me in a whimsical mood, so once the idea entered my head, I couldn’t resist painting Partly Beltie skies. Read more about celebrated North Carolina whirligig creator Vollis Simpson by clicking NYT.

Partly Beltie skies, 7x9½" watercolor

Jun 10, 2012


I don’t think subscribers received my last blog post. Scroll down after this one and you’ll see the goats. Lots of them. Probably why you didn’t receive it — goat overload. Didn’t think about the byte thing.

The road leading out, 11x14" oil on panel
I’m into blues and purples, and it was a blue day when I painted this, but this shows up way more blue than it should. And no matter how I manipulate it, I can’t seem to tone down the blue. This happened with another recent painting as well. Click My backyard 2 to see way too blue hydrangeas. Pity, as it’s one of my better paintings. Recalling I photographed both paintings on the same day about the same time, I finally realized what happened. I either photographed them too early in the day, under a cloud, or in too much shadow. Woe. I may photograph them again in different light.

Jun 9, 2012

Fainting goats

Feeling divided, 3x3" watercolor
Lots to show this time but very little to say for a change. This is as close as I come to having kids. Soon I hope some of these goats will follow the cows home to Fearrington Village from whence they came. Many of the goats at Fearrington are belted like the Village’s Scottish Belted Galloway cows, but are a black-and-white-marked domestic breed known as fainting goats. Imagine designing a couch for them.

I need to lie down.

Bed and breakfast, 4x6" watercolor
Billie lunches with his better half, 4x6" watercolor
Billy fat, 4x6" watercolor
Check out the goatee., 6x4" watercolor
Different strokes, 6x4" watercolor
Double-spaced, 4x6" watercolor
Essence of goat, 4x6" watercolor
Drawing straws, 4x6" watercolor
“Here’s looking at you, kid.”, 6x4" watercolor

Hitting the hay, 4x6" watercolor
It’s hard to be coy when you’re a goat, 3x3" watercolor
Lunch at Fearrington, 4x6" watercolor
Tête-à-tête, 4x6" watercolor