Oct 20, 2009

N.C. State Fair plein air commission

“Fried Pickles, Anyone?”
7 x 9" watercolor

You know it’d be the South where you’d find a fried pickle. One of my old North Carolina high school chums hit the big time and now lives in Beverly Hills. In speaking of his vegan-wife, he commented, “Heck, I’m from the South, I’ve never seen anything I couldn’t fry.”

This is not the actual commission I did today at the N.C. State Fair, but a small preliminary for it. I was commissioned by the folks who own Woody's Wings to paint their concession stand. My patron already has one of my Krispy Kreme* paintings, so he figured I’d be a good candidate to paint his ultra-funky concession stand (the one with the giant Gatorade balloon on top). It’s the greatest thing when a customer/patron wants you to “do your own thing” when you take on their commission.

* Another of my Krispy Kreme paintings can be seen on the title page of my website at

Oct 18, 2009

Mountains-to-Sea Trail Celebration and Art Benefit

“Dude on Guitar”
6 x 8" watercolor

Relative to most life form subjects, musicians are fairly stationary. I love painting them en plein air. Painted this guitar player today at the Mountains-to-Sea Trail Celebration and Art Benefit. What I liked most about the benefit was that it was a benefit for the artists. No one took a percentage of our sales. Can’t beat that.

The event is now past, but if you have a mind to read more about it, please go to brendabehr.com/events While you’re on my website, check out two of the plein air paintings I sold today. Portofino Trails 2 and 3 can be viewed at brendabehr.com/blog/13753/Plein-Air-Trails

Oct 10, 2009

Stick figures at the county fair

“Stick figures 1” (above) “Stick figures 2” (below)
7 x 9" watercolors

What could be more colorful than a fair? And where might you see more activity? Painting en plein air at a fair presents its challenges. But then, I don’t go there to paint portraits. The concession stands are just about the only things that stand still, but even their façades change with the onslaught of customers. Everything else is constantly moving — the rides, the people, the shadows. If you haven’t visited my Wedding Watercolors website, I invite you to go there now by clicking here.

Painting scenes like the ones at the fair, and painting animals on the loose, have given me the experience to paint weddings. My customers are the ones that don’t need everything “spelled out.” Capturing the spirit of the occasion is what my event painting is all about.

Oct 4, 2009


“Long before curtain time"
5 1/2 x 8 1/2" watercolor

The heartbeat of my hometown is the Paramount Theater. One could hardly “paint the town” in Goldsboro without painting this historic theater. Buildings on city streets can be challenging in terms of composition. They all line up so perfectly architecturally; so boringly, to the painter’s eye. I was lucky to find a parking space in front of the theater and equally lucky that for most of the time, other cars did not obstruct my view. I like the way the van in the distance stops the viewer from going right off the format. Vehicles, people, and animals all present a challenge to the plein air painter. One never knows when they might pull right out of sight.