Jun 30, 2009

Paint Out at Howell Woods

“This Way and That”
4x6" oil on panel

Several times I have joined a group of plein air painters organized by watercolor artist Lin Frye, in Johnston County. Last week, our destination was Howell Woods, an environmental learning center, owned and operated by Johnston County Community College. Although there are 2800 acres of natural habitat that include egrets and herons, I got involved with several chickens near a weathered old tobacco barn. A chicken, kinda like happiness, will somehow avoid you if you chase it, but if you ignore it, and find something that you enjoy, it’s likely to come right up to you, and entertain you. I know there’s a better known analogy of happiness to a butterfly, but I’ll stick with chickens for now.

So the tobacco barn drew me, but the chickens became so cooperative, that I couldn’t resist painting a few of them. Anyone interested in tobacco barn paintings needs to contact me. I did two small paintings during the paint out, but have several large oils available, plus at least one watercolor.

Jun 29, 2009

Small world story

“Sidewalk view of City Hall”
14x18" watercolor

Painting people and cars en plein air is tricky. You have to paint them fast as you never know when one of them will pull out, walk away, or just plain disappear. In this case, the SUV that I'd put in the base coat of this watercolor, did pull out. I began to hope and pray another van would pull in to take its place. So when a SUV pulled in across the street, I gave the driver a look where she really knew she was doing something wrong. Good soul that she was, when I explained what was going on, she was kind enough to re-park her vehicle. Here's the rest of the story — this same lady, it turns out, just by coincidence, owns one of my paintings! You never know. I like to think that all the people who own my paintings are good people.

Interested in this painting? It will be going in a mat and frame and on display at Carolina Creations in New Bern.

Jun 27, 2009

Wedding Near Asheville

“Reception on the Hillside”
9x12" watercolor

Wow, time flies! I had the opportunity this month to attend a sweet wedding near Asheville, NC. And yes, although, this was not a commission, I did paint. Read more about this adventure at WeddingNearAsheville. The bride and groom couldn’t have found a more beautiful setting. The foothills and mountains of the Smokies are breathtakingly gorgeous.
More of my wedding and event paintings can be seen at WeddingWatercolors.com.