Jan 13, 2016

à peindre à l'intérieur

Garden Supply honey display, 9x7" watercolor
I wish there was a better French term for painting inside. Plein air is, of course, the term for painting outdoors, but painting indoors in French is peindre à l'intérieur, not a term that easily rolls off the tongue.
Regardless, it was a wonderful escape yesterday to paint with several of the members of Paint NC, a group of plein air painters living mostly in the area in North Carolina know as the Triangle. The paint out was at Garden Supply Company in Cary, NC. Finding we could choose to paint inside or out, was all I needed to hear to convince me to go. What a shopping mecca inside that store, so full of the quaint and unusual.

Jan 1, 2016

Happy New Year

First Presbyterian, Charlotte, 9½x7" watercolor
I’ve decided to turn over a new leaf this year, so I put kale on my shopping list. I also have more plein air painting on my list. In spite of the mild December weather here in North Carolina, a full docket of painting commissions allowed me time to paint outside only once. Above is the small watercolor I did in Charlotte in mid-December after I had delivered some artwork to a customer who attends this church. First Presbyterian has its own parking lot, so, in spite of a Panthers game that day, parking was a non-issue in downtown Charlotte.