Mar 28, 2010

Early Spring, Chapel Hill

“A slice of Franklin Street”
7 x 9.5" watercolor

“82 years old and still selling daffodils”
7x 11" watercolor

“Outer wall, Coker Arboretum”
7 x 10" watercolor

“Headed down the arbor”
7 x 11" watercolor

I love this community that is home to possibly the most revered school of higher learning in the southeastern United States, the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Provided the students are in agreement, I will be honored to have a show there next year at Frank Porter Graham Student Union. I consider the paintings above warm-up paintings of a series of watercolors I plan to paint of various points of interest on campus and the surrounding community.
I have been to weddings of alumni of the university where groomsmen honor their alma mater by wearing neckties that don the famous Carolina Blue school color. The ties to this university seem never to be broken by those who call themselves “Tar Heels”.

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