Jun 15, 2010

Carrboro Farmers’ Market

“Carrboro Farmers’ Market
7 x 10" watercolor

What is it that makes an urban population enjoy getting out on a Saturday morning to shop for locally grown produce? My memory of “hunting and gathering” at a local farmers’ market goes all the way back to Minneapolis in 1977.

I can’t say why the Carrboro Farmers’ Market is so popular, but every time I mention to people that I’m painting the Chapel Hill area, they ask me if I’ve gone to the Farmers’ Market in Carrboro. I’ve only been there twice. The first time to shop; last Saturday, to paint. Luckily I found a nice shade tree under which to set up. The temperatures soared into the 90’s. I’ll go back again to paint some more, but I can say the temptation to shop is a great one. Produce at this farmers’ market is locally grown. The entire Carrboro/Chapel Hill area is very bent on supporting its local farmers. Check out the rather amazing web site of this renowned farmers’ market.

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  1. Nice painting, Brenda! I love farmer's markets - all the colors and shapes plus all the interesting people shopping. Great place to paint!