Apr 11, 2011

Doggone, another dogwood

White Dogwood, 6x8" oil on panel
After I painted Pink Dogwood, I spent some time driving around trying to find the “perfect” white dogwood. And it occurred to me, there are so many blooming dogwoods in Goldsboro that one could make a career of finding the “perfect” one to paint. Finally, this one stopped me. One of my prerequisites was that my perfect dogwood have layered branches much like its cousin the Pagoda Dogwood that grows as far north as southern Minnesota.

Speaking of Minnesota, here’s a joke dry-witted Swedish Minnesotan friend Leslie Carson wrote after receiving Pink Dogwood.
How do you tell a dogwood?
By its bark.
Thanks there, Leslie. Please tell Sven and Ole Dixie says Hey. :o)

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