Jul 6, 2011

Red, white, and green

Independence Day in Goldsboro, 8x10" oil on panel
I was good. I stayed in all day on the 3rd and worked on my portrait commission. And I’m pleased with how it’s progressing. On the 4th however, I decided I was entitled like the rest of America to celebrate our country’s birthday. My way of celebrating was to get out of the house, find a shade tree not far from home and do some plein air painting. Independence Day in Goldsboro is the view as you’re facing north on the sidewalk between my neighbor's and my house.

Last summer I painted a house with a red roof. And just out of curiosity I went back and checked the date on which I’d done it. I believe it was either the 3rd or the 5th of July. So it looks like I’m establishing an Independence Day pattern here with a red roof theme. Janet Francouer who owns Carolina Creations Fine Art & Contemporary Craft Gallery in New Bern, NC posted a blog a year ago that features last year’s red roof painting. Click here to read Janet’s take on our plein air adventure.

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