Jun 9, 2012

Fainting goats

Feeling divided, 3x3" watercolor
Lots to show this time but very little to say for a change. This is as close as I come to having kids. Soon I hope some of these goats will follow the cows home to Fearrington Village from whence they came. Many of the goats at Fearrington are belted like the Village’s Scottish Belted Galloway cows, but are a black-and-white-marked domestic breed known as fainting goats. Imagine designing a couch for them.

I need to lie down.

Bed and breakfast, 4x6" watercolor
Billie lunches with his better half, 4x6" watercolor
Billy fat, 4x6" watercolor
Check out the goatee., 6x4" watercolor
Different strokes, 6x4" watercolor
Double-spaced, 4x6" watercolor
Essence of goat, 4x6" watercolor
Drawing straws, 4x6" watercolor
“Here’s looking at you, kid.”, 6x4" watercolor

Hitting the hay, 4x6" watercolor
It’s hard to be coy when you’re a goat, 3x3" watercolor
Lunch at Fearrington, 4x6" watercolor
Tête-à-tête, 4x6" watercolor

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