Dec 25, 2012

Rx for short plein air days

Silent Night, 12x12" oil on panel

Robert en plein air
Me en plein air
Studio mate Robert Rigsby and I had a two-painting day on Sunday. A downtown street in the a.m. (click to view), then downtown Center Street after dark. It was magical. Both of us had lights to wear on our heads. Neither of us had ever donned them. Fear of looking like crazed artists, I guess. Together, we looked like miners in search of a painting. “Strength in numbers” they say. Robert and I provided plenty of laughs for each other. The lights and dazzle of downtown Goldsboro provided plenty of inspiration for both of us.
I hope all of you had a Magical Christmas and that the magic will continue for you through the New Year.

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  1. This article is JUST what I needed. Happy New Year from Washington NC.