Mar 5, 2013

Starlite Drive-In

One night at Starlite Drive-In, 6½ x 9" watercolor
I suppose there’s a price on everything. I suppose. This is one of my few paintings I’d hate to let go of. I can never again return to the Starlite Drive-In where I painted this en plein air. Days before a class reunion in 2006, one of my old high school chums was willing to drive me up to Durham so I could paint this historic drive-in movie. Picture two old classmates, both approaching sixty, doing such a thing. The person who owned the drive-in was Bob Groves, a man we met that night, a man who was passionate about running a drive-in theatre. Mr. Groves died suddenly the year after I did this painting. Failing attempts by the community to save the landmark, the place is now history. Read more about the Starlite and the man who kept it going long enough for me to paint it by visiting the blog, ENDANGERED DURHAM.

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