Apr 2, 2013

Fritha, the brigantine

Fritha, 8x6" watercolor
They call this ship a brigantine. Truthfully, I never know when to call a ship a ship or a boat a boat, much less a brigantine a brigantine or a schooner a schooner. When I tell people I went to the Philippines on a boat, they always correct me, telling me, “No, you went there on a ship.”
The home base for Fritha is the Northeast Maritime Institute in Fairhaven, MA, so I’m sure they could set me strait on my limited sailing vocabulary. This beautiful vessel has been wintering in Beaufort, NC, near Morehead City, where I spent my Eastern weekend. I did three paintings of Fritha on Saturday. Not so much that I wanted to come home with three paintings, but because the weather was damp. Since this style watercolor requires a completely dry first coat, working on simultaneous paintings can provide the time necessary for previous base coats to dry.

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