Jul 1, 2013

Welcome to The Fishhouse

Old Homes Tour at The Fishhouse, 7x10" watercolor
This is actually the second painting I did of The Fishhouse. I’m including the first one below for those who didn’t see it in yesterday’s Behr Path newsletter.

The woman sitting in front was one of the hosts during the Tour. She would welcome people to The Fishhouse, invite them to enjoy some refreshment (see glass with pink lemonade on a nearby piling), and give them an introduction to the house they were about to enter.

When she saw that I had included her in the painting, she said, “Just like they used to wear—an apron and tennis shoes with anklets.” Since the house was built in the 1940’s, I assume she was referring to that era. It was intentional that I included her 21st century sunglasses. It was not intentional that the seagulls look like Greek sigmas flying backwards. Together, they could form a fraternity.
The Fishhouse, 14x22" watercolor

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