May 6, 2014

Two more nights at Blooming Garden Inn

Morning Glory Suite, 7¼ x 9¾
Two weekends ago you couldn’t have told me I would be staying a week later in a suite at Blooming Garden Inn. Part of what I love about my life is that what lies beyond the next corner is so often a mystery.

I had committed to paint Saturday and Sunday in Chapel Hill’s Garden Tour. Also, last year, I had promised friend and talented artist Karen Lee Crenshaw that I would let her know the next time I went to Chapel Hill to paint in the Sisters’ Garden. Since I would be in Chapel Hill already to paint in the garden tour, it made sense to add another day to the trip to paint in the Sisters’ Garden. Fortunately, it worked out for Karen to join me.

The reason this bedroom is called a “suite” is because it has an adjoining bedroom that connects to a bathroom about the size of this master bedroom. The bathroom, F.Y.I., has a Jacuzzi® BIG enough for two, plus a shower, plus two sinks, plus a sitting area for two. Definitely a room not made for a couple of heterosexual artist friends like Karen and me.

The highlight of the entire Morning Glory Suite is the beautiful canopy bed. Owner Frank Pokrass explained to me that before the invention of electricity, steam power was used to craft furniture such as this. The parts made with steam power are the incredible and perfectly crafted cork screw walnut posts and rail at the foot of the bed. Co-owner and mistress of the house, Dolly Pokrass, gave me information about the room as well. The entire suite with its harmonious purples, pinks and maroons was decorated around the morning glories in the stained glass piece hanging in the West window.

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