Jun 27, 2017

Another Krispy Kreme

Crepe Myrtle Time of Year, 7 x 9½" watercolor
Back from Krispy Kreme two days later. Picking up a medium coffee and a traditional cake doughnut has become a habit ever since my system would allow me to drink coffee again. I put away my coffeemaker last year after a bout of c diff colitis, something I would not wish on anyone. I lost a much needed nineteen pounds, five pounds of which I have regained. I think I would have gained more had I reverted to my daylong habit of nursing coffee with hazelnut Coffee-mate®. Seems everything on the market with low fat is high in sugar, and everything sugarless is high in fat.

Speaking of fat, here’s the Krispy Kreme at Peace and Person streets in Raleigh. I’m happy to say I have done and sold more paintings of this shop than I have eaten doughnuts there. Can’t say the same for the Krispy Kreme here in Goldsboro, NC.

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