Aug 8, 2017

Side excursion

Bird Break, 3 x 8¾" watercolor
For sure this is a detour. It actually takes me back to a visit with my friend Rita, who in January 2015 was wintering in an RV park in Fort Meyers, Florida. A mutual friend of ours took me on a day trip south to the Everglades, a fabulous place to visit. Wildlife abounds in the National Park there. I took advantage of some time to do some sumi-e style watercolors. I painted mostly a Great Blue Heron, but couldn’t resist this alligator who seemed tame enough. Tomorrow, Bird Break is joining many other animals in a series of paintings I refer to as BehrCritters. Almost daily, a new BehrCritter watercolor goes up for auction. Click on today’s auction item, Looking Back, a pelican painted on a visit to Oak Island, NC.

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