Feb 15, 2011

Steampunked cupid

Rethinking her target
Setting her sights
Loading her weapon
Cupid, draw back your bow
On bended knee
 Cupid perched
I had never heard of Steampunk fashion until I attended “My Broken Valentine”, another Dr. Sketchy session, this one in Pittsboro, NC. We met at a place called Davenport & Winkleperry, a coffeehouse and art gallery, both under the same roof. I admit, I had to google steampunk clothing when one of the Sketchy sketchers referred to cupid here as a steampunked model. Being an artist, it’s pretty easy to check out what the younger generation is up to. Behind one’s sketchbook, no one recognizes you as an imposter. I’m sure they view me as a child of the sixties, a pretty accurate assessment.
The sketch in color was a ten-minute pose, much too lengthy, as with the model’s back to me, there wasn’t a whole lot to draw. The black and white sketches above, all watercolors, were one-minute poses.  

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  1. These are awesome! What fun to see what you can do in a minute. Thanks for letting us see them.