Sep 7, 2011


Home on 13th Avenue, 6 ¾ x 9" watercolor
Here is the home that it took me courage to revisit. How I loved this house. I purchased it a year after my divorce. It was located not far from Minnehaha Parkway in a neighborhood nicknamed Rabbithood. Click rabbit to read how the area got its name. I don’t like to think I gave up a house in an area known as Rabbithood. Those who know me well, know what a bunny-lover I am.

See the airplane in the sky? The house was under the path of planes coming into the airport. I soon regretted having a deck built onto the back of the house. It was great for viewing, but the noise from airplanes passing overhead made conversation there impossible. The Metropolitan Airports Commission put $80K worth of new windows, doors and insulation onto this house (and others in the path) to insulate it against noise, another reason I can feel remiss that I no longer own this home.

Photo taken by friend Leslie Carlson Ritchie
Enough about regrets, I was happy to see that the lilacs, Flowering Plum and Star Magnolia trees I planted have so beautifully reached maturity. After visiting the house, I met with a friend for lunch. I told him how much I regret losing this house. He said, “You didn’t lose it, you traded it to care for your mom [in North Carolina] and for your art career.”


  1. Another lovely watercolor, Brenda! I like the story that goes with it, too and especially your friend's take on "losing" the house. A wise person indeed! :-)

  2. Thanks, Linda. I always appreciate your comments. There was a time in my life when I had to give up some painting time to return to school to learn the computer plus graphics applications so vital to my career at that time. One of my older painting buddies said to me, "For everything you gain in this life, there will be something you’ll need to give up." I have since found this to be pretty much true.

  3. Beautiful painting, and I love the house. Also love the sculpture of the rabbit at the entrance of the the subdivision.

  4. Thank you, Jerry. Serendipitously, the sculpture was selected and placed there after I'd purchased the house. :-(