Dec 23, 2011

Breathing a joyous sign of Christmas relief

The Park House in winter, 6 ½ x 9" watercolor
99.5 percent of what I need to do for Christmas is behind me.

And finally, I have a new painting to post. I’ve been buried with Christmas painting commissions and with creating my holiday card image, and so haven’t had much time to get out and paint. And today, I’m torn, do I paint the rapidly opening Amaryllis that stands tall in my window, or do I sneak in a plein air painting while North Carolina’s still in the 60’s? Seems the sense of urgency is not behind me.

The Park House in Winter is the first of two watercolors I did yesterday. The painting features the landmark Victorian house that graces the city park that is just across the street from where I live. I omitted the Christmas décor. Our warm temperatures have taken a toll on the garland and wreaths with which the park house is now decorated.

Just a suggestion, consider purchasing some small gift cards today at a place from which you’d enjoy receiving a gift card; then hand them out at random to the people who serve you well, give you a warm smile or who have helped you throughout the year. I gave one yesterday to the man who manages our local UPS office. He responded, “You didn’t need to to that.”

I replied, “That was the idea.”


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