Nov 16, 2011

En route to an Albert Handell mentorship

Inside the sunroom, outside the guesthouse, 7 x 9 ½" watercolor
I had no idea when Jerry Stocks first invited me to stay with her and Ray what a treat I was in for. Last year, and more recently I was en route to workshops that took place south of Beaufort, SC. I have since fallen in love with this delightful little community where they reside. Southern Charm plays second fiddle only to Southern Hospitality at the Stocks’ house. If Jerry ever decides not to be an artist she might consider being a chef. She’s a superb cook. I had my first Low Country Boil at her table, as well as my first shrimp pie and tomato pudding. My last trip through, we netted the crabs we ate later for dinner. Beaufort, SC is quintessential Southern. How fortunate for those lucky enough to live there. What a wonderful backdrop author Pat Conroy had for so many of his novels.

Both of today’s paintings feature the Stocks’ guesthouse (where I stayed) and both paintings will be gifted to the Stocks (if they want them). I couldn’t have the life I do if it weren’t for the generous hospitality of the wonderful people with whom I have the good fortune to stay during my plein air travels.

Inside the guesthouse, 7 x 9 ½" watercolor


  1. These are beautiful! Love Jerry Stocks and having seen her home and experienced her true Southern hospitality I am just smiling. Jerry will of course want these and treasure them!!

  2. Beautiful, Brenda! I especially like the second one, I think because of the red bed.

  3. Hi Brenda
    These are such fun-full of life's color,energy and joy. I'm sure Jerry and Ray will be so happy to have them.
    I am always delighted to discover a fellow artist living and painting in NC!
    Your new blog friend

  4. Thanks all for your comments. You help to inspire me. Have been going through a funk as desirable plein air weather makes way for winter. Hope to be posting again soon.