Apr 20, 2012

Painting the Governor

Wife of the First Gentleman greets friends, 7 x 5" watercolor
I know for certain North Carolina Governor Bev Perdue has had better paintings made of her. However, I doubt she’s been in quicker paintings.

Saturday in New Bern, NC, I spent the evening painting the wedding of Eleanor Jurney Wilkins to Tate Colin Johnson. As the wedding took place, I painted from the balcony of First Presbyterian Church. Afterwards, when I began to paint the reception, in walked the Governor. It turns out the groom, Tate, works for Governor Perdue, so she was there not on official duty, but as a guest.

Not one for gawking, I waited until I was some distance from her to feature her in a painting. When I paint events, I most often sit on my beloved portable folding stool. It keeps me close to ground level where my water and other supplies are near at hand. So I was low to the floor when a voice above said, “I see you’re painting my wife.” I never did meet the Governor but I chatted with her husband, Bob Eaves, long enough to tell him how very pretty I think his wife is.

Click Wilkins/Johnson Wedding to view the other twenty-two watercolor sketches depicting this event.

Vows as family and friends look on, 5 ½ x 8 ½" watercolor

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