Apr 7, 2012

Southern hospitality from a New Yorker

Nancy’s back porch, 9x5" watercolor
Next Friday is another “FIRST FRIDAY” event at the downtown Arts Council of Wayne County in downtown Goldsboro. Do stop by and put your name in a jar for a chance to win a free 8x10” oil portrait. Catch is, you must be willing to sit for two hours. Children 9 years and up only. Click for further information.

I’ve been hot on the trail for two weeks. North Carolina travel has included two trips to Chapel Hill, one to Wilmington, and a couple to Raleigh. I have lots to share, so this is a start.

When I’m in Chapel Hill I stay with friend Nancy, a highly cultured woman who’s home is filled with antiques and collectibles. If I ever land there in nasty weather, Nan has subject matter out the gazoo, any of which would honor a still life painting.

Above is the interior of Nan’s back porch. For me, the primitive black crow (maybe it’s a raven) on the ledge has always been a focal point in the room. Nancy’s house has a rich patina, developed over years of Nancy’s collecting. This is my second painting and the second time I’ve shared a painting of the entry to her house. See blog post “Beach Break” for the story behind the first painting. The cherry tree amassed with blooms this week was irresistible. Like former New Yorker, Nancy, the entry way to the front door has a certain mystery to it. I've included both paintings below.

Nan’s cherry tree, 7x 9½" watercolor

Pathway to Nan’s, 6x9" watercolor

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