Oct 21, 2012


Perched, 6x6" watercolor
Feathers, straw, & twigs, 6x6" watercolor
Ordinarily I would not come home referring to a weekend as trés chic. This was no ordinary weekend. I was given a trunk show at a wonderful shop known as Dovecote. I come up short for words to describe this quaint shop of fashion for the home, garden, and person. Dovecote is located in the charming country community known as Fearrington Village, close to Pittsboro and not far from Chapel Hill, NC.

My history with the Village dates back maybe five years ago when I was invited there to show my wedding watercolors to one of North Carolina’s premier wedding photographers. She said, “Put together a press kit. Just do it.” 

Several years later I got my foot in the door at Dovecote with some cow paintings. I got my foot out the door earlier today with at least eight small watercolors I’d painted of the two doves that nest inside this fanciful shop of taste, style and whimsy.

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