Oct 23, 2012

Sweet dreams

Turndown, 7½  x 9" watercolor
Upon my return from dinner my second night at Fearrington House, a chocolate truffle and a decanter with port wine were waiting. I’ve had turndowns that include chocolate, but never wine. The wine went untouched; the chocolate gave me the energy to paint this scene.

I really thought until today that I like this painting more than the one of the entire room. Now that I’ve printed them both out as greeting cards, I’m leaning toward the first, more busy one. I’d love to hear your opinions. This one, or Room No. 10?


  1. I like this one much better. The other one seems way too busy.

  2. I just found your blog and I really like your paintings!! I guess I would go with the simpler painting with the chocolate. The other is very charming but I keep trying to figure out the bed. It seems to be turned in a different direction from the headboard. Still, I still get lost in all the pretty details of your work!

  3. I think they are both equally appealing.