Feb 5, 2013

California interior

My friend Chris’s, 6x9" watercolor
There is only one bed in my life that I can say I fell in love with at first sight. I saw it in a shop in Edina, Minnesota. It was a wood bed, antiqued with light yellow paint, was oversize, and more than I could afford. I’ll be dang if my friend Chris didn’t buy another version of the same bed. Same company, same oversize kind of bed that you know would, upon sleeping on it, turn any of your dreams into a fairytale. The next time I visit her, I am going to paint that room which became my guest room when I was a guest at her house last month. So because of time constraints, I had a choice, paint her bedroom or paint her living room.
Here you see the lovely living area of her house which overlooks a lagoon in Corte Madera, CA. Note the wave calligraphy in the upper right. Chris’s house, like so many places I stay, is filled with wonderful art and collectibles. It’s a treat to snoop around her house, filled with artful objects that so noticeably and immediately say Chris.

p.s. Chris asked me to add, “Many of the charming collectibles come from you, gifts over the 30+ years of our friendship!” 

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