Jun 2, 2013

Doughnuts to dollars

Krispy Kreme is HOT, 7½ x 9½" watercolor
Day 1 of my stay in the [Research] Triangle over the Memorial Day weekend was getting there and checking in. Day 2, I devoted to painting Krispy Kreme®, Raleigh’s most treasured doughnut shop, one that has reached iconic proportions as a landmark.
AMERICA’S FAVORITE TRUCK, 7½ x 9½" watercolor
I managed to paint one large and one small one before the rain came. Twice that afternoon, I asked to see the manager about painting inside. Since he was no where to be found, I never did get permission. In back of Krispy Kreme a truck was being loaded. I set my sights on it and had a fun conversation with a shuttle truck driver named Terry. Turns out, he transports doughnuts from the shop in Raleigh, also a “production center,” to the Krispy Kreme location in Chapel Hill that I’d painted a couple of weeks ago. Click to see the May 18 blog post that includes the painting.

It’s a given. If I do a painting of Krispy Kreme, I’ll sell a painting of Krispy Kreme. When the owner of my gallery in Raleigh (the gallery that represents me) first saw my Krispy Kreme paintings come in, she said, “Can’t you give us a little different perspective? We can’t have any ‘cookie cutters’ in here.” I didn’t feel I needed to tell her there are just so many views of the place that make for a good composition. Now that same gallery is glad to see any of my Krispy Kreme’s come in. It means a sale. Since the watercolors are painted en plein air, each one is a little different—different time of year, of day, some with cars, some without; some with different color cars. Not quite cookie cutters.

The painting below was a quick one. No time for a base coat to dry, so I skipped it and did strictly calligraphy. Cars aren’t quite as likely to move as people, but unless you're the one who’s driving one, you never know when they’re going to pull out. Check out that front wheel. I must’ve had doughnuts on my mind.
The Doughnut Lot, 8x10" watercolor

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