May 29, 2013

Behr Gallery

Debbie & Kent’s, 7x10"
If there is a couple I would call collectors, it would be my friends Debbie and Kent. I just returned from six days at their house while Debbie was celebrating her retirement from RBC in Minneapolis. Upstairs, I counted six of my artworks on their walls—two oils they had bought, two greeting cards they had framed, and two watercolor paintings I had gifted them as thanks for their hospitality as well as rides to and from the airport. Downstairs, I counted another six paintings, five of which were purchases.

I had wanted to, but never painted the outside of their lovely home. A commissioned work might never include the plant on the left or the vehicle on the right. Here’s what happens when you leave an artist to her own devices. The heart-shaped leaves on the shrub to the left actually belong to a small Weeping Red Bud tree that I gave to them in memory of Kent’s mother. The vehicle on the right is my ever faithful RAV4.

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