Oct 7, 2013

Jack Ketner, artist/musician, Satirical Surrealist

The Chicken Dance (detail) by Jack Ketner, 34 x 54"
Chicken Line Dance, 6x8" watercolor
Multi-talented Jack Ketner and I were first introduced several years ago on a rainy day in Swansboro, NC. I had the opportunity that afternoon to visit his paintings. I see a lot of artwork in my travels, but I don’t see artwork like Jack’s. I’ve never asked “How much?” I’m sure, way beyond my reach. I feel privileged to have seen his collection of work and look forward someday to revisiting it in a deserving museum.

To give you an idea of how different our work is, here are each of our painting approaches to the “Chicken Dance.” Mine was painted on location at an anniversary party in Calabash, NC. Jack’s was painted in his studio wherever that might have been at the time. He so captures the character and spirit of the people he paints. See what I’m referring to by visiting his awesome web collection at jackketner.com.

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