Nov 30, 2013

On the campaign trail

Cavalier King Charles on his throne, 6x8" watercolor
Cavalier King Charles, three views, 6x8" watercolor
The tough thing I’ve found about campaigning is you have to keep asking people to vote for you. I will be so happy when the end of this day is here, and I can stop asking people to give me a Like in the BoldBrush Painting Competition. I think I’ve come up with at least ten instructions on how to cast your vote for my painting, and the one that seems the easiest to understand is the one my nephew Chris posted on Facebook,

Please help my aunt on the link and hit like. Thanks!!!

The painting in the competition is an oil, not the painting above. Because this is a blog about plein air painting, I decided the featured painting should be one that was at least painted on location. The paintings of the Cavalier King Charles above is the pet dog of a friend’s grandson.

If you cast your Like for me today or if you already have, I give you my sincere thanks.

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