Nov 9, 2013

Dobbin House

Dobbin House Tavern, 7x10" watercolor
Went on a Wayne Community College organized tour of Gettysburg last weekend with a fun group of Goldsboro people. I believe this was their eighth tour led by Goldsboro Civil War aficionado Randy Sauls. He knows the battles of the Civil War at Gettysburg like the back of his hand. The entire group had dinner at this 1776 home that has been converted to a tavern. What an amazing treat! The entrĂ©es were pricey, but oh so worth it. After the Saturday tour, one of my tour mates lent me his stocking hat, jacket, and fingerless gloves so I’d be comfortable painting this scene late in the day on Saturday after our battlefield tour. I had the world’s smallest stool with me, so I could sit close to the ground, giving me easy access to my brushes and water container.

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