Oct 20, 2009

N.C. State Fair plein air commission

“Fried Pickles, Anyone?”
7 x 9" watercolor

You know it’d be the South where you’d find a fried pickle. One of my old North Carolina high school chums hit the big time and now lives in Beverly Hills. In speaking of his vegan-wife, he commented, “Heck, I’m from the South, I’ve never seen anything I couldn’t fry.”

This is not the actual commission I did today at the N.C. State Fair, but a small preliminary for it. I was commissioned by the folks who own Woody's Wings to paint their concession stand. My patron already has one of my Krispy Kreme* paintings, so he figured I’d be a good candidate to paint his ultra-funky concession stand (the one with the giant Gatorade balloon on top). It’s the greatest thing when a customer/patron wants you to “do your own thing” when you take on their commission.

* Another of my Krispy Kreme paintings can be seen on the title page of my website at

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