Oct 18, 2009

Mountains-to-Sea Trail Celebration and Art Benefit

“Dude on Guitar”
6 x 8" watercolor

Relative to most life form subjects, musicians are fairly stationary. I love painting them en plein air. Painted this guitar player today at the Mountains-to-Sea Trail Celebration and Art Benefit. What I liked most about the benefit was that it was a benefit for the artists. No one took a percentage of our sales. Can’t beat that.

The event is now past, but if you have a mind to read more about it, please go to brendabehr.com/events While you’re on my website, check out two of the plein air paintings I sold today. Portofino Trails 2 and 3 can be viewed at brendabehr.com/blog/13753/Plein-Air-Trails

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