Oct 10, 2009

Stick figures at the county fair

“Stick figures 1” (above) “Stick figures 2” (below)
7 x 9" watercolors

What could be more colorful than a fair? And where might you see more activity? Painting en plein air at a fair presents its challenges. But then, I don’t go there to paint portraits. The concession stands are just about the only things that stand still, but even their façades change with the onslaught of customers. Everything else is constantly moving — the rides, the people, the shadows. If you haven’t visited my Wedding Watercolors website, I invite you to go there now by clicking here.

Painting scenes like the ones at the fair, and painting animals on the loose, have given me the experience to paint weddings. My customers are the ones that don’t need everything “spelled out.” Capturing the spirit of the occasion is what my event painting is all about.

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