Apr 13, 2010

“The Boudoir”

“The Boudoir”
7 x 9" watercolor

Okay, not exactly La Chambre à coucher (“The Bedroom”) painted by Van Gogh, but it’s my room at The Inn on Oak Street where I stayed recently during a Carol Marine workshop in Jacksonville, Florida. I drove nine hours south to Jacksonville, then sat down and proceeded to paint the room that I refer to as “The Darwin Room”. The plant with spike-like leaves on the left side of the room is a Snake Plant. I am unable right now to find research to back this up, but seems I once read that Darwin compared the leaves on this plant to “mother-in-law’s tongue”; thereby nicknaming the plant.

See a plein air painting of the exterior of the charming Inn on my other blog by clicking Hot Off the Easel.

“The Sunroom”
7 x 9.5" watercolor

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