Apr 23, 2010

Sweet dreams

“Turned down turn-down service”
6.5 x 9.5" watercolor

On a recent business trip to Chapel Hill, I was given the opportunity to stay at the historic Carolina Inn. My Dec. 29, 2009 blog post, “Priorities”, features two paintings of the exterior of this luxurious Inn. “Turned down turn-down service” depicts the room that greeted me at the end of two intense days of plein air painting. This is the third time I’ve painted my overnight accommodations. I mentioned Van Gogh’s bedroom painting in my April 13 post. His paintings of his bedroom in Arles are part of my inspiration. Perhaps a college drawing assignment to “draw (or paint) a corner of a room” is another source for the idea. Moreover, when I’m on the road overnight, I often paint until the sun goes down, eat late, then think, I may not see this room again; I need to paint it. Through the weekend, I’ll be posting other paintings I did while staying at the exceedingly charming Carolina Inn.

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  1. Lovely painting, Brenda! Good idea to paint your out of town accommodations.