Mar 21, 2011

A close calamity

Tulip tree, 6x6" oil on panel
Right down the street from Friday’s fabulous paint-out was a lovely tulip tree. We didn't have this tree in Minnesota. Long before the tree has leaves, it bears a large flower that closely resembles a purplish pink tulip. I remember my first experience painting a tree like this. The tree was large enough that I could sit under it as I painted. The petals fell down all around me as I painted, some of them into my palette.

I was well into the painting on Friday when I was approached by a worker on the street.“We’re going to be coming through, so I hope it won’t disturb you,” he reported.

When I looked down the street and saw what was headed my way, all I could say was, “Oh, stop it.” The bearer of bad news gave me a strange look.

When you check out the photo below, you’ll see why my painting and all my gear had to take temporary shelter in my vehicle. Wet oil paint acts like a magnet to even the smallest amount of dust.

Leaf Busters

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