Mar 17, 2011

Lucky stars in North Carolina

Star Magnolias, 6x8" oil on panel

 I may have captured the shape of the tree better had there been only one tree. But this is a MamaBear/BabyBear relationship between two trees, and honestly, I didn’t see Baby Bear there until after I’d chosen the format and begun painting.

Star Magnolias are another tree species native to Japan. I planted one on the north side of my house in Minneapolis and often wonder if it survived. It would make me too sad to visit my old house there. The Star Magnolias I’ve seen in bloom in Minnesota appear different than the ones here in North Carolina. In the North Country the blooms look like those flowers we made with tissue as kids. Or like wadded up toilet paper thrown on a tree. Maybe it’s the snow that gets to them up there. No offense intended, Minnesota.

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  1. Beautiful! The flowers look so delicate. Would like to see this painting in person.:)