Nov 3, 2011

Meet Lee

Lee 1, 15-minute Creatacolor® sketch
Lee 2, 15-minute Creatacolor® sketch
Lee 3, 20-minute Creatacolor® sketch
Lee relaxed, Sharpie® sketch
The consensus is that I do put some of my previously posted yoga pose sketches up for auction. But later. I’ll let all know when this happens.

I’m pooped. It was a quick trip up to the Triangle today. Stops included another two productive hours at Chambers Arts! We had a different model today. Lee had never modeled before, and I feel he did a great job. First we had our typical ten 1-minute poses. The rest of the time was divided into three 15-minute poses and one 20-min. pose. When Lee saw Lee, released (above) he gave me the biggest compliment anyone can pay me as an artist, and that was that I had caught the essence of the pose. In fact I’d rather hear the word essence than to hear likeness, which is what was said for the longer-pose sketches. This was all great portrait practice for me, and I’m grateful to Lee for his ability to strike a twenty-minute pose without flinching. Good job there, Lee!

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