Feb 11, 2012

Royal mail

Hand in hand, watercolor painting
Last spring, my dear friend Ellen invited me over for a Royal Sleepover at her beautiful home in Walnut Creek, just outside of Goldsboro. We had tea and quiche, dressed up in our best pajamas and wore hats. I painted the Royal Wedding from the television on Ellen’s kitchen counter. The island there was just the right height, so this is where I preferred to view and paint the wedding of the year. It had been my dream to paint the Royal Wedding, so this was as close as I would come. Click Painted from Live Telly to review the blog post I did shortly thereafter.

At the suggestion of Ellen’s husband Jack, in December I sent one of the paintings to Prince William and his new bride. I’m including the painting I chose, as well as the response I received this week. I’m still trying to digest the fact that I’ve actually received an envelope postmarked Buckingham Palace.
Note EIIR on the envelope. My family moved to England in 1953, the same year of the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II. On a trip to London, my mother, brother and I saw the Queen and her sister in the rain on a boat on the Thames. They were both in raincoats. I recall I couldn’t tell which was the Queen and which one was Princess Margaret. At the time, I somehow thought this was important. Oh well.


  1. Gives a whole new meaning to the term Royal Mail. Wonder if your work is now hanging in some Royal home?

    I liked that E-R stamp on the envelope.

    Speaking of Royal Mail, in April, one hundred years ago, a certain RMS vessel sank.

  2. This is way cool Brenda!! I love how you can communicate with ( (and see) the royal and the common in the world ... not many people can do that!

  3. Don, Bernie, and Jerry, I appreciate all your comments.