Feb 28, 2012

The same old barn, but in a different color since you’ve been gone.

Old times, 10x8" oil on panel
I just found something crawling on me that looked like an ant with wings. I choose to think of it as the world’s smallest angel. Absolutely nothing could ruin my day once I’ve been out to paint in the country. An hour ago I came in from an amazingly beautiful day of plein air painting. The piece above is one of many oils I did last week. You’ve seen this same barn twice before, but under different skies and from a different perspective. The beautiful clouds on today’s otherwise blue-sky-day were impossible for me to resist painting. Old times is the title I came up with after so many old high school chums responded with their tales of tobacco fields the last time I posted this barn.

The painting below may have been my first painting of the barn. Clicking Tobacco barn 209, or Can you find the tobacco barn in this picture? will take you to previous posts featuring the barn in other paintings.

Late day shadows, 9x12" oil on panel

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