Feb 23, 2012

Tobacco barn sundial

Tobacco Barn 209, 9x12" oil on panel
Here I sit under an overcast sky on a perfectly warm winter’s day. The sun is due out at noon; we’ll see if I can resist going out until then. Yesterday I managed to do two paintings. The temperature was 70º on my return home. Since the window of opportunity to do a plein air painting before the light changes is no more than two to three hours, doing two paintings a day is not over ambitious.

Tobacco Barn 209 is the same barn as was posted in Grrrrrrrrr . . ., my January 21 blog post. This time I named the painting after the date on which I painted it.


  1. Brenda,
    I've alway been fascinated with any kind of barn. The more delapidated they are the more I like them. I have an idea to tear down a half way decent barn, move it to a nice quiet site and make it liveable for me, dog and cat. Doesn't that sound dreamy? Should you see one in your travels and it 'looks like home' snap a pic and email to me. I'd love it. I'm hoping to visit Gboro in early to mid July. I want to see your work on that trip.

  2. Marcia, I look forward to meeting you. I once had a dream of converting a tobacco barn into an Eastern NC art gallery. There are no windows, so there would be plenty of wall space; perhaps a spiral staircase would allow people the benefit of seeing art hung on higher levels. I have a friend here who does have a tobacco barn converted into a storage shed. Another acquaintance uses a converted pack house as a garage to park his tractor, lawn mower, etc.

  3. Love all the colors you used here, Brenda!