Mar 25, 2012

Notice the hat.

Amélie au Chapeau Chateau, 10x8" oil on canvas
Montreal sketch artist extraordinaire and blog buddy Raynaud Murphy helped me on the translation for this painting title. Speaking of titles, the portrait study of Emily was done in the Victorian mansion that is home to Sauls Title Company. Built in 1883, the house is known as The Frank Kornegay Borden House. This, however, is not the only business that finds itself under this fabulous private home in Goldsboro, NC.

What a grand experience it was to paint here! The setting looked like a place that, in another time, you might find a portrait sitting for the great John Singer Sargent, one of my all time favorite portrait painters. We posed Salem College student Emily in the parlor, where she and her mother Jewel Sauls display the fine works of their millinery, The Chapeau Chateau. I fell in love with the fascinators they craft. Here we have Emily wearing a hat fit for a Royal Wedding. Notice below the fascinator I donned while painting. Tee-hee. I’ll have to check out the berets they make.

Randy and Jewel Sauls partner in the title company. Randy, however, is best known in Goldsboro for his knowledge and expertise on all things Civil War. In May I’ll have the privilege to join a group on one of his tours. With twenty-two rooms, the Sauls have plenty of space for several lines of work. Hats off to America’s entrepreneurs and to this family of multiple talents!

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