May 2, 2012


Alpha Chi Omega, 7x9.5" watercolor
Both currently sorority houses in North Carolina. Alpha Chi Omega, is connected to the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill; Sigma Kappa Sorority, to North Carolina State University. These are the sixth and seventh Greek houses I’ve painted. The former TKE at NC State, plus Chi Psi, Phi Gam, Delta Kappa Epsilon and Alpha Delta Pi in Chapel Hill are the others.

I’ve actually painted Greek to Me twice. TKE at NC State now houses Sigma Kappa sorority. The painting will receive whatever Greek letters are requested by the buyer of this painting.
Greek to Me, 7x9.5" watercolor


  1. These are amazing, Brenda. Can you do them from pictures? We'd love to have one of the Alpha Omicron Pi house as Arkansas State, but obviously Arkansas is quite the journey for you!

    1. Jamie, although I certainly prefer to work on location, I can work from photos. Before I would agree to doing such, I'd need to review the photo(s). I have done several other fraternities and sororities at UNC Chapel Hill.