May 22, 2012

Raleigh stops

Sarah Charlotte and Taylor, 16x12" oil on canvas
Monday was a made-to-order day for plein air painting. It was not, however, my intention to paint yesterday. First on my agenda was delivering a freshly painted informal portrait [commission] to dear friend Ed Davis, who tonight will gift the painting to his wife Pam for their 30th wedding anniversary. Happy Anniversary Ed and Pam!!

Ed and I grabbed a quick lunch at my favorite, The Roast Grill, then I was off to drop new works off at The Little Art Gallery. Mentioning I might just go to a movie before a commitment that evening, gallery owner Rosanne reminded me of some Raleigh hot spots I might consider painting.

I’ve painted Hayes Barton Pharmacy and other haunts in the Five Points neighborhood before, but this may be my favorite of the ones I’ve done. I love the prettiness of the pastel colors. The painting will soon join the other works I have at Raleigh’s Little Art Gallery.
Hayes Barton at Five Points, 7x9½" watercolor

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