May 20, 2013

Sutton’s Drug Store, still bustling at 90

Sutton’s at 138 E. Franklin, 7½ x 9½ watercolor
I’ve had two requests for paintings of Sutton’s Drug Store in Chapel Hill in the past couple of months. I don’t know how a drug store becomes a landmark, but staying around for ninety years has to help. Popular as it may be, Krispy Kreme® was not my painting target when I set out to find a parking spot on Franklin Street last Wednesday, but conveniently located just an alley way across from Sutton’s, I managed to paint it as well. The drug store celebrated it’s 90th birthday just last month. The awning out front was faded to the point it looked beige and a pale orange. If I hadn’t painted it before, I would not have taken the liberty to brighten up the colors. Perhaps the owners wanted the drug store to look its age for its birthday.

Below is the interior scene of Sutton’s that I painted a couple of years ago as part of my Chapel Hill 23 show at Carolina Union. The painting was bought as a gift for the breakfast buddy of someone who eats at Sutton’s counter every weekday morning.

Sutton’s Drug Counter, private collection

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