Sep 18, 2013

Cherished in-laws

Judy and Steve’s, 9½ x7" watercolor
Highlights of this and last year’s trips to Minnesota were overnight visits with dear friends (and customers) Judy and her husband Steve. Judy is the sister of my late husband, Jerry Behr. Although my time with Jerry was cut tragically short, I consider him the love of my life. After a too-long separation, Judy and I reconnected a couple of years ago on Facebook.
Last year, these wonderful inlaws hosted a dinner in my honor, inviting not only their closest friends, but Judy’s brother Dickie, who I hadn’t seen in some thirty plus years. I was so honored. All this visiting left little time for painting. A few paintings like the Canada geese below is all I had time for last year.
I love spending time with these people, so it was a challenge this year retreating from conversation to go out in their yard to paint their lakeside house. How I wish we lived closer.

Six geese, three ducking, 3 x 8½" watercolor

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