Aug 28, 2013

Sugar Shack, Ocean Isle, NC

Sugar Shack, 6½ x 9" watercolor
It’s really hard to turn around and charge a customer after they’ve shown you incredible hospitality and generosity. Such is the case of a loyal customer who, when I wasn’t painting, last weekend showed me a great time in Ocean Isle, NC. There were two places he commissioned me to paint. Here we have Sugar Shack, a Jamaican restaurant, probably the No. 1 restaurant in the area. The jerk chicken is out of sight, and the caprese salad is awesome.

I debated. Do I paint the place early in the day before the parking lot fills up with cars and obscures the building, or do I paint the restaurant with the lot overflowing with cars, thus capturing the very essence of this popular place? At night, one can barely see the restaurant, concealed behind all the cars that are parked there. An agreement was reached with my customer on two vehicles in the parking lot—the Jeep of owner Lynn, plus my customer’s golf cart.

Here’s ending this post on a retro note. Click Sugar Shack for a song that hit No. 1 on the charts in 1963.

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