Jun 9, 2014

Peint sur l’emplaceme

Sandy’s studio, 7x9" watercolor

I awoke this morning knowing I wanted to share this interior today, but then thinking, it’s not en plein air if it was painted inside. The literal translation for en plein air is “in the open air.” So, what do I call my interior paintings? Sur l'emplacement in French translates to “on location” in English. The last time I searched for a new term was when I was looking for a phrase for [painted] “in the car.” I went online with dans la voiture, a French prepositional phrase, and landed on a French soft porn movie. One needs to be careful when coming up with terms in another language.

I think I’ll stick with “on location” for those paintings I do of interiors. So, this painting was done on location in the studio of talented artist friend Sandy Donn. Sandy put me up four times earlier in the year when a Scott Burdick series of portrait classes had me running to Winston-Salem. She extended her hospitality again Friday night when a fundraiser at Tyler White O’Brien Gallery took me to Greensboro, not that far from Sandy’s place in Winston-Salem. This little watercolor will be a small token to her for my appreciation.


  1. I LOVE it! Thank you so much - it will be treasured and hung for all to see.

  2. Sandy, So glad and so happy you found the blog. I was going to forward it to you.